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The DIMS is able to provide a wide range of tutoring, agriculture, Hospital related jobs to the students who are currently studying at the DIMS. We can commit to providing faster and efficient feedback to students.

We also hope that you will benefit from this exposure to the teaching environment. This type of work provides a valuable insight for those considering a career in Hospitality, agricultures and useful transferable skills. Work on a particular course might also improve your knowledge of a subject area, or open up new research opportunities.

To help meet these challenges, Fortunately, we have a talented and dedicated team staff members that have already made significant contributions and all of us are eager to chart the future and share it with our Medical and Agricultural fraternity. For the seamless access of the e-resources to the faculty staff & students, we have provided 24-hours internet connection. For the convenience of the students, faculty members are regularly updated about new medical technology and agricultural research.

Faculty of Nursing

S.No. Name Designation Qualifications
1. Mrs. Archana Masih Principal M.Sc. (Nursing), Ph.D. -Nursing
2. Mr. DB Madhusudhan Associate Professor MSC(N) PAEDRIATRIC NURSING
3. Mr. Manu B Associate Professor MSC(N) PSYCHIATRIC NURSING
4. Mr. Sandeep John Assistant Professor MSC(N) MSN
5. Ms. Shaila Panchal Assistant Professor MSC(N) CHN
6. Ms. Anju Rawat Assistant Professor MSC(N) MHN
7. Ms. Annu Panchal Assistant Professor MSC(N) OBG
8. Ms. Nikita Bhatia Tutor MSC(N)
9. Mr. Rajat Joshi Tutor MSC(N) CHN
11. Ms. Sonam Tomar Tutor MSC(N) OBG
12. Ms. Shivani Dhasmana Tutor MSC(N) MSN
13. Mr. Anshul Nautiyal Tutor MSC(N)
14. Ms. Sharia Rani Tutor POST BASIC(BSC(N))
15. Ms. Neha Rani Tutor BSC(N)
16. Ms. Pratibha Rana Tutor BSC(N)
17. Ms. Tarandeep Kaur Tutor BSC(N)
18. Ms. Pinki Tutor BSC(N)
19. Ms. Prerna Jamoli Tutor BSC(N)
20. Ms. Prerna Sundriyal Tutor BSC(N)
21. Ms. Shilpa Rana Tutor BSC(N)
22. Ms. Diksha Kumari Tutor BSC(N)
23. Ms. Yogita Tutor BSC(N)
24. Ms. Nishtha Bharti Tutor BSC(N)
25. Ms. Kavita Gariya Tutor BSC(N)
26. Ms. Deepti Negi Tutor BSC(N)
27. Ms. Shikha Tutor BSC(N)
28. Mr. Michael Tutor BSC(N)

Faculty of Paramedical

S.No. Name Designation Qualifications
1. Dr. Tanuj Lalit HOD Ms (ortho)
2. Dr. Anil Dev HOD MD(Diagnosis)
3. Ms. Swati Sharma HOD M.SC. (MLT)
4. Dr. Husney Alam Ansari Assistant Professor Msc(Medical Anatomy)
5. Dr. Sakshi Rana Assistant Professor MPT(Neurology)
6. Ms. Nisha Assistant Professor Msc (Medical Imaging Technology)
7. Ms. Navneeta Thapa Assistant Professor Msc(Biochemistry)
8. Ms. Deeksha Garg Assistant Professor M.Sc(Medical Microbiology)
9. Dr. Shubham Chamoli Assistant Professor MPT(Neurology)
10. Mr.Abdul Majid Tutor BMRIT

Faculty of Agriculture

S.No. Name Designation Qualifications
1. Mr. Tassaruf Ahmad HOD M.Phil.(Natural Resource Management)
2. Ms. Prerna Gupta Assistant Professor Msc(Horticulture)
3. Ms. Deeksha Garg Assistant Prof. M.Sc(Medical Microbiology)
4. Ms. Navneeta Thapa Assistant Professor Msc(Biochemistry)
5. Ms. Prerna Negi Assistant Professor Msc(Agronomy)
6. Ms. Ragini Sharma English Lecturer M.A.(English)
7. Mr. Ashish joshi Computer Lecturer MCA

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